Hometown:  Lynn, MA

Height:  6'2"

Weight:  267lbs.

MWF Debut:  October 5th, 2002

Titles Held:  MWF Tag Team Championship (w/ Beau Douglas, August 5th, 2005 - May 20th, 2006)

He might be handsome or a duke in other places, but Todd Hanson is pure professional wrestling in the Millennium Wrestling Federation.  Since making his debut in October of 2002, he's made perhaps the biggest impact of any superstar to ever grace an MWF ring.

Shortly after defeating the Outpatient in his first MWF contest, Hanson helped officials put together a fundraiser for a young boy  dying  of
liver disease in his hometown of Lynn, MA.  This event turned into MWF ROAD TO THE GOLD 2003, and Hanson was even featured on the front page of the Lynn Item newspaper leading up to the event.  He was scheduled to face King Kong Bundy, however Bundy claimed to have fallen on the ice just days before the event and was unable to compete.  Instead, Hanson participated,  and  won,  the  Lynn  Battle  Royal. Hanson came away with some big victories on MWF Xtra that spring, leading up to the first SOUL SURVIVOR that May.  Hanson wasn't entered into the Soul Survivor competition to crown the first MWF Heavyweight Champion, instead, he was signed to a huge match against former WWE IC Champion D-Lo Brown in front of his friends and family in Lynn, MA.  In a shocking turn of events, Hanson pinned Brown in the middle of the ring, but was attacked from behind by Gino Marktino.  Along with Heff, they began to cut Hanson's hair, throwing it out into the crowd, some of which landing on Hanson's grandmother.

That summer on MWF Xtra television, a Lynn Street Fight was signed between Hanson and Martino.  This wasn't a match held at an arena with no rules, it actually took place in the streets of Lynn!  They battled in a city park, a school parking lot, under a bridge using every kind of violent weapon you could imagine.  Hanson took great pleasure in destorying Martino in their bloody battle, but it was far from over.  Later in the summer, Martino was suspended for attacking Commissioner Von Johnson, so Ox Baker brought two new monsters into the MWF, his massive Executioner and the Outpatient.  For the next year, Hanson along with his longtime best friend Beau Douglas battled Ox's Army, leading to a huge showdown  at  MWF SOUL SURVIVOR Ii.In the second half of the double main event, Hanson and Douglas joined WWE Hall of Famer "Cowboy" Bob Orton to take on Ox's team of "The Ugandan Giant" Kamala, Martino and the Executioner.  Hanson again stepped up to the plate, leading his team to victory.  The Army was disgusted with Martino and they destroyed the extreme strongman.  Showing true character, Hanson and company returned to the ring to run the Army off.  Martino shook hands with Hanson, his actions showing he was sorry and that Hanson was the better man.

2005 turned into a huge year for Todd Hanson.  Less than a month after representing the Millennium Wrestling Federation at the Cauliflower Alley Club reunion in Las Vegas, he went on to win his first WWE match over Palmer Cannon in a non-televised match at a Monday Night Raw taping at the FleetCenter. At MWF IRON SHEIK APPRECIATION NIGHT, Hanson & Douglas won the tag team Royal Rumble match and then  defeated  The  Islanders  to  become the first pair of MWF Tag Team Champions. For the next nine months, they would go on to defeat every team Dr. Von Johnson sent their way.  At SOUL SURVIVOR III, Hanson & Douglas were joined by ECW superstar The Sandman along with Paulie Gilmore to defeat four members of Ox's Army in a brutal Lynn Street Fight.  This was the first time we'd see Johnny Fabulous, who went out of his way to interfere in the match and for the next few months, would continue to show up during Hanson and Douglas'  title  matches  to  try  to  help  them. The champions were not interested in Fabulous' help and never asked for it, but time and time again he was helpful.  Commissioner Von Johnson signed a Fatal Four Way tag team title match at MWF ZERO TOLERANCE but would not even inform them who their opponents would be.  They had no way to prepare for a six on two disadvantage.
Surprisingly, the champions and Fabulous came to a short term agreement where he would be their manager and representation.

On May 20th, 2005, Hanson & Douglas defeated Southern Extreme, The Vachons and the AWE's Big Sexy Beasts one by one and retained their championship.  While they were celebrating, The Canadian Superstars (J-Busta and Dave Cole), long time thorns in their sides, charged the ring and issued a challenge to the champions.  Even though they had just defeated three other tag teams, manager Johnny Fabulous accepted the challenge on the spot.  In a hot match that went back and forth, the champs had a slight advantage.  Hanson had Dave Cole pinned until J-Busta distracted the referee.  When Hanson got up to try to get the refs attention, Fabulous hit the ring and KO'd Hanson with his loaded briefcase.  Cole had enough energy to pin him and the Canadian Superstars became the new MWF Tag Team Champions with their new manager Johnny Fabulous.  The three of them had been plotting this all along, as Fabulous felt snubbed by the now former tag champs, who didn't want to do business with such a sleazy individual.

Whether Hanson focuses on regaining the tag team titles with Beau Hanson or going at it in the singles ranks, there isn't anyone that's going to stop this hungry, young athlete from reaching the top.  In a day and age where professional wrestling is dragged down by wannabes, Hanson has the heart and dedication to his sport that every athlete should strive for.